If you know me, you know my story.

Surrendering to my Purpose


My brand is not just a business, it is a reflection of my life, my legacy and how I have been chosen to serve my community. 

Self-acceptance is an essential fluid portion of my personal growth that overflows in my brand. My journey in self-love and self-acceptance has come full circle within my brand. I connect, heal + elevate with my clients.


I hold space for my clients. 


I have discovered through the years that the lack of self-love and acceptance for my self was deeply rooted in my adolescent years. I cannot recall when the journey began for me but I remember having negative thoughts and feelings about my self. And because of my distorted self perception, I continued to have a major void in my life until ...2016. 


My best friend from childhood pointed out that I seemed to engage in relationships that did not serve my well-being. Of course me working in the field of self healing, I was perplexed at her observation.  I immediately went to work on my self. I self reflected, self assessed and meditated with God. I desperately desired to be tuned in, turnt up and tapped in to my higher vibration. But there was a conditioned mind that had been fed negativity for decades that needed to be re-educated and reprogrammed. When I began to have quiet time with my self, I quickly learned that I was not comfortable being alone. In fact it terrified me, because I felt lonely. But why? I discovered that I had failed to take responsibility for the void in my life - so I filled my life with busy, superficial  stuff. 

I failed to surrender to me. 

I failed to surrender to the process of growth. 

I failed to surrender to my self


When I finally surrendered, my life entered into a space of organic healing within myself. And guess what? Not only was I healing, I became a voice for those struggling with self-love and self-acceptance.  I connected deeply with these humans searching for self healing. We explored the dark places that were scary, together. And healed, together.


This is where the healing begins. Surrendering. Giving your self permission to release ego and began to heal wounds. It is a messy process that is uncomfortable and at times painful. But it is worth it. 


I continue this work daily, hourly and at times on a minute by minute basis with self and those I hold space for.

Connect with me - It is worth your healing process.

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